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Bee Towers

Speculating alternative and equitable more-than-human cities for bees

Nearly three-quarters of the plants that produce 90% of the world’s food is pollinated by bees. However, for the past few decades, bee communities are on a decline largely due to human influence. 

Bee rest stops in the city are places, where bees can rehydrate, rest and get an energy booster to continue their search for nectar. Bee rest stops also have sensors and cameras that generate a status update on the health and population of the bees.


-The six water trays are filled when the water level falls, which is automatically recognized and maintained consistently.
- Water vapour released through the opening at the top of the tower helps bees to locate these towers as bees are sensitive to water vapour. 

- Soft close 180 degree hinges open and close the acrylic panels to maintain optimal internal temperatures as bees are extremely susceptible to overheating.
- Half of the tower will remain in shade during the majorly hot hours of the day which can help the bees rest up before continuing their journey. 

Immunisation and energy boost

- In the first half of 2023, U.S.D.A. approved vaccination for
honeybees in the U.S. against foulbrood (aggressive
bacterial disease). Such developments in animal and
insect health infrastructure opens up possibilities of
vaccinations, immunisations and other super juices for
- The green field of flower stamen like fuzz is inviting to
the bees to feed on the blue tubes of juices that fill up
every time a bee approaches it. 

- Temperature sensors, humidity sensors, cameras and infrared sensors are placed to monitor the bees. The data collected by these monitoring systems can be used to determine bee health and population. 

Shade and ventilation

Data Collection


Research and Ideation Tools:
- Stakeholder map of the bee socio-economic ecosystem
- Supple chain mapping 
- X/Y mapping
-Vision mapping and logic models 
- Weighted matrix 
- Brainstorming and ideation analysis 


2 weeks- 2022

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